The Toro that Brings Us Together

Iturria wine was born specifically to accompany feelings and emotions, and so its main objective is to ensure that its extremely high quality and standards are accessible to all areas of our society.

Iturria seeks to enrich our lives and to ennoble those important moments, from complete confidence in the importance of the wine experience.

Thus, Iturria strives daily to ensure that its name alone is synonymous with the highest quality:


Those who create wine must aspire to producing exactly what they themselves would like to drink. That wine must be, on the one hand, the fruits of the flavour of the environment in which it is born and, on the other, the seed of what that flavour should be in the future.

Wine is a contribution to society in that it is aesthetic, emotional and pedagogical at the same time. Aesthetic because it provides a deep sense of beauty; emotional, because it goes beyond the barrier of reason and enters the world of feelings; and pedagogical, because it seeks to generate social learning.

The Man and The Wine

Those who create wine should not imagine it in showcases in museums or on the cover of magazines. They must imagine it served in glasses that enliven a get-together between friends or that bring bliss to a toast full of feeling.

Much further than its sophistication, the real demand for those who dedicate their lives to the creation of wine must be to make their wine available to everyone.

The Man and The Wine

Iturria Collection

Xavier Iturria has established himself as being able to say Tinta de Toro and Grenache in a single word. In his art, Grenache undoubtedly becomes Tinta de Toro’s best friend. This is his greatest challenge when it comes to launching a new idea for Toro wine, far from any creative complex; but take a look at our collection and you will see that it is not the only one.

Tinto Iturria
Tinto Iturria

A fine, elegant wine with lots of personality. The precise amount of Grenache is fused with Tinta de Toro, creating a persistent aroma, with subtle notes of red fruits and spices, and well-structured tannins on the palate.

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Soft and delicious experience, 100% Tinta de Toro. Sweet aroma and with subtle hints of wood, easy to perceive the aromas of red fruits.

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La Viña de Segundo
La Viña de Segundo

Its fruity tones give this wine a casual personality, although it does not lack character. This wine is soft and fresh, but with an aroma of red fruits and very subtle tannins.

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Surprising, balanced, with a strong personality and a lasting aftertaste. A complex wine due to the combination of its varieties (Verdejo, Castilian Malvasía and Albillo), as well as its aging on its lees. On the nose, aromas of stone fruit are discovered. On the palate, its roundness and fruitiness are distinct.

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Wine lovers and specialists appreciate the quality of our range of wines.

Telma Benasque <br> Winelover and pianist
Telma Benasque
Winelover and pianist

The taste of Quiban is pianissimo in your mouth... Its harmonics never seem to never end.

Alejandro Rosado Varela <br>Consultant in wine projects in PMR
Alejandro Rosado Varela
Consultant in wine projects in PMR

Bodegas Iturria is how the legacy of Toro should be guarded. Respect for the past, Coherence for the future and Enjoyment in the glass.

Raquel García <br>
Raquel García

A single sip of Iturria red is enough to know that we are in the presence of a magnificent wine.

Sandra P. <br>
Sandra P.

One of the greatest winemaking surprises in recent years.

Pablo Miranda Roger <br> Consultant in Viticulture and Oenomarketing Projects
Pablo Miranda Roger
Consultant in Viticulture and Oenomarketing Projects

Bodegas Iturria brings together the very best of D.O. Toro.

Germán Hdez <br> “Winelover”
Germán Hdez

Iturria red wine is the result of a passionate search for an excellent wine.

Bodegas Iturria around the world

Our endeavour is to open new markets and bring the wonderful peculiarity of our wine to more and more countries.

Bodegas Iturria
Bodegas IturriaBodegas Iturria